Baseline Grid With Guideguide

Aug 19, 2011

GuideGuide 2 (which isn’t released yet which can be downloaded here) has the ability to create a baseline grid, but with a little creativity and math you can use the current version of GuideGuide to create one as well.

The row height calculation for GuideGuide looks something like this:

row height = total height / row count

To create a desired baseline grid, think of the equation like this:

document or selection height = baseline height * number of baselines

To figure out how many baselines will fit in your existing document or selection, consider this equation:

number of baselines = Math.round ( document height / baseline height )

As an example, let’s assume I want a 30 row, 16px baseline grid. I’ll make my document height 480px (30*16) and then have GuideGuide create 30 rows.

GuideGuide 2 is mostly complete, but I still need to figure out a way to make it easy for non-coders to install. Until I can sort that out, I hope this technique will hold you over!