GuideGuide 2.0.2 and The Future

May 24, 2012

GuideGuide 2.0.2

Today I’m making GuideGuide 2.0.2 available. This version has two major updates.

New Logic

The first is a major overhaul of the internal logic system. The tl;dr is that I rewrote things so that I’m no long relying on Photoshop for things like unit conversion. This fixes a few cases of GuideGuide freezing Photoshop for users trying to use certain grids based on millimeters.

Multiple Margins

The second and probably more interesting update is the addition of multiple margins. This can be achieved by entering a comma separated list in the margin fields. For example, to add two 20px top margins, enter 20px, 20px into the top margin field.

The guides are created from outside -> in, so whatever measurement you put first will be the first one rendered from the border of the document/selection.

The guides are additive, so if you were to do something like 10px,-10px, you’d only get a 10px margin, because the first margin is 10px, but the second subtracts 10px which puts it back at 0. So lets say you want a margin at -10px and 10px. For that you’d need to do -10px, 20px.

Updated site

I’ve updated the GuideGuide site with some new sections. Most interesting, the How To section lists all of the things GuideGuide can do, including some of the hidden behaviors. There’s also a new section covering some of the more common installation errors that people have come across.

The Future of GuideGuide

GuideGuide is pretty awesome, but it could be way better. Unfortunately, the things that are way better aren’t possible in CS4. For this reason, 2.0.2 will be the last version of GuideGuide to support CS4. Going forward, the only updates to the CS4 version of GuideGuide will be bug fixes. GuideGuide will still be available for CS4, but it will lack any features added in future versions.

Some features I‘d like to add in the future:

  • Automatic, Extension Manager independent updates
  • Support for the CS6 UI colors
  • GuideGuide for Illustrator, Fireworks, and InDesign
  • Document specific sets
  • Math in unit inputs

I make no promises as to if an when these features will be added, but they are things I’d like to achieve at some point.