Photoshop Script — Duplicate To All

Dec 01, 2010

I frequently find myself having to duplicate Photoshop layers out of one document into many others. It’s easy enough to do this from one document to another through the standard dialogue, but there doesn’t seem to be any kind of “duplicate selected layers to all open documents.” The script I’ve put below adds this functionality.

Download Duplicate to All

To Install:

Place the Duplicate to All.js file in your applications/Photoshop/Presets/Scripts folder.

To Use:

Duplicate to All can be found at File>Scripts>Duplicate to All. You can also add it to an action or give it a hotkey at leisure.

How it Works

The script takes the selected layers and duplicates them into every other open document above the currently selected layer.

In testing the script, I noticed that when duplicating art layers along with layer sets, the the duplicated files would be out of order. As a work around, the script initially groups everything selected into a layer set, does it’s duplications, then ungroups the layers in every document, including the original. Because of this, the script may not work on layer sets nested past the nesting limit.

This script is still brand new. While I highly doubt it will ruin a file, use it with caution at first. Please report any bugs you may find!