Tech Conference Production

May 06, 2010

I suppose this isn’t really a rejected concept, but I’m not sure it belongs somewhere else on the blog. A lot of what I do at is production on other people’s projects. I generally can’t show much of the work because it’s either under NDA or is a reapplication of something done by another one of our designers.

Every now and then, however, I get to plant my style into a few frames of these projects. This frame from a recent tech conference is a good example. I was originally given an image with color streaks laid over a city and a request to have the color rays interact with a better photograph. After some digging in the NASA image database I was able to come up with a pretty good image of a city and a shot of some clouds over a desert. I then comped the two together, brought in the color rays, and built the environment around it all. In the end the animator got a scene with clouds he subtly animated to enhance what ultimately ended up being only about half a second of animation.