Where the hell is GuideGuide 2?

Nov 09, 2011

UPDATE: GuideGuide 2 is right here.

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TL;DR: It should be done by Christmas

With the end of the year coming up, GuideGuide is slowly creeping up on being one year old. When I first posted it in the beginning of January, it was simply a labor of love that I created as an answer to the question “Why can’t Photoshop do grids?” I then had the amazing fortune of being hired by GitHub the next week. After they posted about hiring me, someone out there caught wind of GuideGuide and shared with apparently just the right people. It caught like wildfire. It’s both amazing and humbling to see how far it has gone.

The Quick Backstory

For the most part I haven’t touched the original GuideGuide post. I certainly haven’t touched the original GuideGuide. The original version was built using a trial of Adobe Flash Builder. In the span of the development of GuideGuide, I switched computers three times, each time having to rebuild my development environment. After the launch of GuideGuide, I switched to yet another computer. This time, however, something went amiss and corrupted my project files. Or so I thought at the time.

The New Face Of GuideGuide

As it turns out, the “corruption” I experienced, was merely the deletion of a few unnecessary (to me) files that Flash Builder needs to recognize the project as an actual project. Lucky for me, and the over all quality of GuideGuide, I was already a couple months into developing a new version from the ground up.

After seeing the future usefulness of GuideGuide I tracked down a real copy of Flash Builder and got to work redoing everything I hated and everything that didn’t work in the panel. GuideGuide 2 is a completely new animal, but is still every bit as awesome as the first.

Why Has It Taken So Long?

People are important to me. When given the choice between spending time with the people I care about or spending hours over a keyboard, I choose the people. GuideGuide is a hobby — something for my free time — and I try to make sure it stays that way.

So Show Us Something Already, Dammit

Ok fine, since you’ve twisted my arm. I haven’t shown screenshots up until now because the design has changed quite a bit as the development has come along. Features have been added or turned out to not be possible. Some times I just decide I hate an interaction. However, for the most part, I think GuideGuide will look the same at launch as it does now, so here’s the new face of GuideGuide.

What Can It Do?

GuideGuide still does everything it always has. GuideGuide 2 is all about adding pieces to the workflow that I wasn’t able to anticipate it needing until it got some real world usage. So here’s the new feature list:

  • Completely new design
  • Guide Presets
  • Negative and 0 margins — Outline your selection or create a margin outside it)
  • Clear Guides
  • Exact pixel measurements — No more half pixel guides.
  • Quick clear inputs
  • Quick equal margins — Fill in one and click its icon. They’ll all get that value.
  • Define column/row measurements
  • Remaining pixel distribution settings

What Is A Remaining Pixel Distribution Setting?

Let’s say you have a document that is 4 pixels wide and you want 3 columns. Which column gets the extra pixel? Now let’s say you want to make a 3 column grid in a 5 pixel document. Which column only gets one pixel?

This setting determines which measurement among the columns is least common, or most likely to stand out, and puts it where you specify in the remaining pixel distribution settings

So When Does It Come Out?

Soon. I’d like to have it out by Christmas.